The ‘judgy’ look

I admit I’ve been a pretty useless blogger over the last few months. This is down to two things really; I didn’t have many interesting things to say and I started a little craft business which kept me pretty busy coming up to Christmas.

I started writing and crafting for one reason; I really enjoy it.

I was asked recently why an already busy woman with 3 kids, a full time job and a blog would add another task to my ever-growing list of things to do. I could see the judgy looks of ‘is she strapped for cash’ and ‘she’s looking for attention just like with her writing’ and it made me think about how we feel we constantly have to justify what we do because we are judged if we don’t stick to what society thinks we should spend our time doing.

Yes I could spend every minute of my time with my children or cleaning my house but why can’t I spend some of it doing something that is just for me without getting the judgy looks?

It feels sometimes like we are only meant to like working, housework and our children. Anything outside of that is cause for guilt.

Of course I love spending time with my children and the housework has to be done but for the sake of my sanity I need something just for me. Some people go to the gym, I craft and write.

Wouldn’t the world be great if people just got on with it and stopped worrying about what everyone else is doing?

So that’s my two cents, do what makes you happy and ignore the judgement.


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