The parent-teacher meeting, an absolute necessity

It’s that time of year again…the dreaded parent teacher meetings! Love them or hate them, they are necessary for so many reasons.

I know they are a source of stress for some, a formality for others but for me they are an important part of my job as a parent. I am very fortunate that my two school going children have never had any major difficulties with their school work but that doesn’t mean they never will.

If you have a child that you suspect may be struggling at school, meeting the teacher early in the year is vital in giving them as much help as you, and the school can. Taking a proactive approach can make any issues seem less stressful for you and more importantly for your child.

For me, the discussion centres more around whether my kids are trying their best, if they are happy at school and how they are doing socially. Academics are important yes but they shouldn’t be the only focus when speaking to their teachers.

School plays such a huge role in shaping who we become and gives us the skills we need to tackle any challenges we face as adults so it’s up to us to make sure our kids get the most out of their school years.

The main things I want to know coming away from a meeting are that they are putting in the effort, making friends and treating their teacher and classmates the way they would like to be treated. I don’t expect perfection in any sense of the word, I just expect them to try their best and to be good people. I think that’s all we can expect as parents.

The meetings are also a great chance for parents to update the teacher about any issues which may have come up at home or any concerns they may have.

Anyway that’s my two cents. They might seem like a pain in the arse but they are worthwhile!


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