My missing piece- a note to my baby girl

This time last year, I had just discovered your tiny existence. You were just the size of a grain of sand but more important to me that you could possibly comprehend. I did not know back then impact you would have on me; mentally, physically and emotionally.

The months went by in a haze of exhaustion, sickness and worry but those kicks, those gorgeous flutters were a reminder for me, only me that you were growing, thriving and that the hard days were soon going to be worth it. 

The day you arrived, my heart was full to bursting, I never knew I needed you until I had you. I held you close, felt your gorgeous smooth skin against mine and knew you had my heart forever. 

Even now on the hardest of days (there have been many), when we are both exhausted, it just takes one little gummy smile, that gives you a little wrinkle on your nose and a sparkle in your eyes, to remind me of how I felt when I first held you. 

When you wrap your beautiful little hand around my finger and I rub the little dimples on your knuckles, I realise you were my missing piece, you have completed my puzzle and I hope you will always know how much I love you x


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